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Vision and Mission

Why we choose CSMIT

CSMIT has state-of-the-art facilities and distinguished faculty who have been a nurturing ground for students of high academic capabilities. It is established on huge area  of lush green campus with built up area comprising of spacious classrooms, well-equipped laboratories and workshops, new age computer facilities and a well-stocked library which provide a stimulating educational environment within the college. The College has attracted qualified and experienced faculty members and has been constantly adding experienced faculty members to its already growing number.

CSMIT offers comfortable hostel facilities at very nominal charges with hygienic vegetarian cuisine. The opportunity to study at CSMIT gives the tranquility of village life without compromising on the attractions of the bustling city life.

CSMIT imparts quality education by experienced and expert faculty and makes sure that students studying at CSMIT pass out with flying colors irrespective of their initial academic performance. Each of our faculty members mentor our students and are available for guidance for about 15 students on a personal basis.

At CSMIT, we believe in encouraging the students by creating an atmosphere where learning is fun. Faculty employs on learning centric approach.


CSMIT pursues its mission by contributing, inculcating and practicing

Academic Leadership
by imparting high quality engineering education partnering with other institutions and industry

Corporate Leadership
by creating a pipeline of Engineers to occupy positions of leadership and responsibility in business and industry, both Indian and global

Entrepreneurial Leadership
by encouraging the students and alumni to become entrepreneurs by providing infrastructure and incubation facilities

Governance and Societal Leadership
by helping increase number of technical people taking up positions of public service and governance, that can influence policy and decision making with workshops, SDP (Student Development Programs) and consulting


“When students leave CSMIT, they should be confident and competent engineers determined to meet the challenges that may come in their professional and personal lives, and take risks as appropriate, and have a ‘WINNER’S ATTITUDE’ – no matter what background they come from when they enter CSMIT.”

Core Values

  • Accountability and service to all stakeholders
  • Integrity and fairness in all practices
  • Instill innovation and creativity
  • Inclusiveness and care for the marginalized
  • Resilience and sustainability
  • Striving for quality and excellence in all actions
  • Thought leadership and quality consciousness


Our Mission

  • To cater to multiple abilities & intelligence present in learners for realization of their true potential and individual needs of developments.
  • To instill among the students a sense of responsibilities to participate in citizenship duties and strive towards common welfare.
  • To nurture overall development of the students through enrichment and quality education.
  • To promote involvement of students with community outside the college and other social concerns through community service program.

Our Vision

  • St. Wilfred’s is a conscious and thoughtful response to a critical need for excellent and relevant education in a traditional, innovative and creative frame work.
  • We take pride in being a cohesive group who shares the fundamental aims where the staff specializes in excellence and high standards of achievements.